How did an organization only set up in 2005 garner over $40 billion in assets under management so quickly?

Why has it earned this award? And, perhaps more importantly, what does the future hold for it? This is not just CIFC’s story. Recent investors might appreciate learning some of the company’s background, but we recognize many will likely be interested in the history of CLOs and the state of the market today.

Veterans Steve Vaccaro (CIFC’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer) and Ira Ginsburg (MD and Head of CLOs) offer an overview of the CLO industry and how it has evolved since the Great Financial Crisis. CIFC’s Head of European Credit, Conor Daly, examines the differences between the US and Europe. Together, they discuss the current environment of still-rising interest rates and the impact it is having on the CLO market on both sides of the Atlantic.

Underlining the fact that CIFC is much more than just a CLO manager, Jason Horowitz, Head of US High Yield Bond Investments and manager of the CIFC Long/Short Credit Strategy, explores why we own long high yield bonds in several strategies at this point in the cycle.

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